The contributions assisted activity for animals on psychosocial child development

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This research aimed to explore and experience the contact of children with desensitized animals, classified by The contributions Assisted Activity for Animals in child psychosocial development, nursery Don Bosco, located in Diabase street in the city of Lins / SP. The survey was conducted on 18 students from kindergarten II between 3 to 4 years, in the afternoon. The method used initially was an interview with the teacher responsible for the room, which aimed to collect behavioral data of children and also their skills and living in relation to other children. After surveying these data, there were five meetings lasting 50 minutes. Within the development of interventions, the following animals were taken: rabbit, turtle, chick, pig and dog, which in all interactions were monitored and related to a children's story, stories such raising values, imagination and then fantasy play activity for completion and implementation of meetings. After these activities, the appropriate conclusions and reports of the interventions were made in order to analyze the results and verify the behaviors addressed by the children. One of these contributions was the last interview with the teacher in order to raise its final perspective regarding the work that has been developed. Due to the presence of the animals reached a satisfactory interaction related to trust, cooperation, care, affection and sensitivity within the proposed relationship, permeated the implementation of joint exercised. This work was completed with approval and satisfaction by both the teacher and the students who were part of this involvement of the intervention, making fulfill the purpose and objective of the work within the psychosocial child development.
Keyword: Child Development. Assisted Activity by Animas. Storytelling.

Catálogo: universitaria -> avaliacao -> no15
no15 -> Integração nos atendimentos da Psicologia e Pedagogia realizados no Unisalesiano lins
no15 -> Teacher and ethic in education
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