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Reflection based in the their Chapter TO BECOME BREAD

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Reflection based in the their Chapter

Based upon chapter three, the reflection focused on the invitation to both communion and service, an invitation given and exemplified by Jesus. The symbol of TABLE, drawn from the same chapter of WATER FROM THE ROCK, became in our prayer the symbol of BREAD. This call is sounded in an extraordinary way in WATER FROM THE ROCK, especially in chapter three (see 91, 92, 95, 97, 99: the Little Virtues, 101, 102, 104, 107 ...).

John the Evangelist’s account of how Jesus washed the disciples’ feet corresponds, as we know, to the Eucharistic texts of the Synoptics. This means that in Christian life, it is impossible to separate the experience of the Eucharist, (relationship with the Lord) from fraternal service (relationship with people). WATER FROM THE ROCK seizes upon this relationship very correctly in three numbers (see 23, 86, 104): we cannot live the Eucharist if we do not serve our brothers and sisters. In other words, we are invited to live in a "Eucharistic way," meaning, in essence, to participate in the sacrifice of Christ and to offer ourselves to the Father for the salvation of the world. In concrete terms such a disposition finds expression when we put into practice in our lives what is stated in number 107, which is an explanation of number 104:

“Based on a common trust in God, we offer our lives in service. In ministry we find ourselves, like Jesus broken open for our brothers and sisters. Truly, we are bread of life for others as Jesus has been for us.

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