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Palavras-chave: Centro Paula Souza, Programa de Formação Continuada, Educação a Distância, Grupo de Estudo de Educação a Distância

The objective of this dissertation is to analyze the Continuing Education Program (CEP) of the Paula Souza Technological Education State Center (PSC). It was reformulated in 2012 by a Group of Studies on Distance Education (GSDE). Through the evaluation of the egresses from the formations and from these to propose an action plan, that include actions directed to the refinement of the policy of the further education department, as well as, from the research results, verify for the possible extension of it in the institution. The qualitative research was carried out with semi-open questionnaires, applied to the egresses who participated in the totally of the 3 (three) Units of CEP , and more than 50% of them. The period of this research was of 18 months, between July 2012 until December 2013 , and the answers of the 27 graduate teachers from CEP, were analyzed in this period. The dissertation is divided by three Chapters; the history and the reformulations of the Paula Souza Center and CEP were presented in the first Chapter; the research results were analyzed in the second Chapter; and finally, an Educational Action Plan (EAP) with propositions to the reformulations of EAP, according with the research results, it was presented in the third Chapter. In this sense, this study will subsidize possible adjustments in the Units and, consequently, the preparation of teachers who will later pass by CEP to incorporate the best information and communication technologies into their working practices, therefore enhancing changes in pedagogical actions in order to contribute to the improvement in the quality of education.
Key words: Center Paula Souza Center, Continuing Education Program, Distance Education, Study Group on Distance Education.

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