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Palavras-chave: TICs. LE. Aprendizagem-docente. Aprendizado Situado. Affordances

HESHIKI, Silvia R. A. Learning on Technology Use by EFL teachers in a Language Institute. 2018. 70 f. Master’s Article – Londrina State University, Londrina, 2018.


Although the use of new technological devices has been on the spotlight in the last few years, few studies address the training of language teachers in their relation with mobile technology. This study brings how learning of the use of technological tools by teachers in a private language institute specialized in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language took place. In the second semester of 2016, a spontaneous activity among 11 teachers towards learning about the use of certain apps in L2 teaching was noticed. Therefore, this study aims to identify how learning about technological tools in a community of practice takes place and the factors which favour or limit it. It adopts a sociocultural perspective, addressing teacher learning in the context of ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) and technological diffusion in a community of practice. Data collection was through responses to an online survey and transcription of recorded accounts, both authorized by participants. Results are of qualitative and quantitative order culminating in the mapping of dissemination, which was coined “The Pollen Effect”. The study concludes that teachers’ learning process was through diffusion of knowledge among members of the community of practice that by appropriating such knowledge, also strove for its dissemination. Learning and its consequent diffusion were through the perception of affordances and mediation (social, imitation and demonstration).

Key words: ICT EFL. Teacher Learning. Situated Learning. Affordances.

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