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What does ‘to become bread for others’ mean?

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What does ‘to become bread for others’ mean?

It may sound very beautiful, but surely to BECOME BREAD is not at all an easy thing. It means that you can live no longer for yourself alone, but you must live for others as well. It means that no longer can you possess anything as exclusive: not things, nor time, nor talents, nor freedom, nor health. All that is yours is no longer yours alone; it is also "of" and "for" others.

It means that we must be entirely available, available “full time.” You can no longer, in any way, object to anything. You cannot gripe if they require some-thing of you, if they bother you, or they call upon you at any time for any thing. It means that you are to show patience and meekness... like the BREAD that allows itself to be kneaded, baked and shared.

It means that, like BREAD you are to be humble, like bread which does not appear on the gourmet plate, but is always present, ready at hand.

It means that you should cultivate tenderness and kindness, because such are the qualities of bread: SOFT to the touch and GOOD. It means that you should always be prepared for sacrifice, like bread that permits itself to be ground.

It means that you must always live with the greatest love, capable of dying in order to give life, as bread does. Allow yourself to be worn down for those who are close to you, allow yourself to be kneaded... for works and service on behalf of your brothers and sisters.

Allow yourself to be baked in the fire of love, the fire of the spirit. In such a way shall you be able to offer yourself to those who are hungry.


As You were.


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