Paper recycling workshop as educational practice in the context of public schools in rio de janeiro municipality

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Abstract: This study aimed to disseminate environmental education in students of elementary and secondary education in public schools of the city of Rio de Janeiro, seeking them aware of environmental issues around the selective collection and reuse of these materials. Were developed four paper recycling workshops at four different state schools, where students were able to experience the practical experience to recycle paper. The activities counted with the full participation of 138 students from different grades. At the end of each activity, a survey was conducted in order to analyze the degree of acceptance of the training and the possible replication of acquired knowledge. The analyzed data showed that 93% of students liked to have participated in the paper recycling workshop and 97% believe they can replicate it in their homes. Therefore, it was noticed that the recycling of paper follows a lateral, as together with other sustainable actions, can the long run, modify student behavior regarding the preservation of the environment, thereby increasing the environmental awareness of individuals, which the experience sustainable practices, just awakening to a more responsible behavior with respect to natural resources.

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