O alto nível de Inteligência como atributo na inclusão de alunos com sinais de altas habilidades/superdotados

The high level as an attribute of the inclusion of students with high abilities / gifted

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The high level as an attribute of the inclusion of students with high abilities / gifted


The inclusion of students with high abilities gifted, within a policy of valorization of differences with respect and hospitality, is leading to a number of studies on the components of above-average ability. The way to offer them specialized educational care, certainly, by the study of these attributes, among which stands out the high level of intelligence. In this article, the subject is approached conjugated to brain activity, because in fact who produces the behavior is the brain through the processing that occurs in specific neural circuits, influenced of course by the genetic load and environmental stimuli. Brains can be similar in their anatomic / biological, but the connections are specific and individual are proteins. As a result there is interindividual diversity, and, at the same time, the individual identity that the inclusion must respect, in diversity, the high level of intelligence that indicates an accelerated and advanced development of brain physical-functions, emotional, intuitive and cognitive – which express themselves through, are kinesthetic, artistic, academic or social skills.

Keywords: Intelligence, Inclusion, Brain Activity.

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