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Bill Joy - SUN

Sun’s co-founder and chief scientist, Bill Joy defends that a PC is something totally different from a TV set, meaning that he does not foresee their convergence in a near future. He states that an entertainment device isn’t a personal computer, which has educational, informative, communicational and accounting purposes:

"An entertainment device is not a personal computer in any sense. (…) The purpose is different - one has an entertainment purpose, and one has an education/information-gathering/bill-processing/email-reading purpose. It's also about the posture that you have. We recognized this back in the old Oak days - we called it near versus far. Far computing means you're leaning back. It's something you can operate with your thumb. And given that you have a large screen and you're in that position, you don't get the news the same way. It's newscast versus newspaper"206

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