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Rupert Murdoch - NEWS CORP

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Rupert Murdoch - NEWS CORP.

Considered as the traditional broadcast major figure and master of a satellite “armada” that covers half the globe, Rupert Murdoch is progressively being converted to Internet and Interactive television. One of the most recent BSkyB initiatives proves it - the interactive services and products package named Open. But there is more: Rupert Murdoch launched a 300 million dollars venture capital fund for new media companies, according to a report published in March 2000 by the world famous magazine Wired, having the Japanese investment company Softbank as its partne. Finnaly, Murdosh also bought stocks to more than a dozen "dot.coms".

"I was thought to be anti-Internet, which I never was at all. I did say I don't know how you justify the price of some of these stocks - which I still say, but I've been wrong"205

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