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A5) International leaders’ opinions - quotes

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A5) International leaders’ opinions - quotes

Bill Gates - MICROSOFT

For Bill Gates the television of the future consists on a big screen connected to a telecommunications network, with the same functionalities we find on a PC, a games console and a building management centre. In this sense, Interactive Television is a step closer to the total “digital-screen” such as it is being designed by Microsoft:

"We'll have big screen devices because they'll be in the den, the living room, we'll think of those like the TV, multiple people able to watch, able to play games together, but some of the communications scenarios will start to show up there. You'll be able to be notified that your kids upstairs are crying in their room or that somebody is at the door right there on that screen. Your buddy list that today you think of as mostly an online PC thing, you'll be able to see, if you've enabled it the right way, who is watching the same shows. If you want to chat with them by typing or talking as you're watching those shows, and so communication is brought to a place that you wouldn't have thought about it being before because of all that connectivity"204.

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