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NATIONAL TELEVISION STANDARDS COMMITTEE (NTSC) -The committee formed to determine the guidelines and technical standards for monochrome and color television. Also used to describe the 525-line, 59.95Hz color television signal used in North America and several other parts of the world.
NET TV - NetTV's are televisions which have the ability to dial up to the Internet. Often, a manufacturer has integrated or offers a special set-top which permits the viewer to connect online

over telephone wires.

NVOD or NEAR VIDEO ON DEMAND - The service of providing a movie to subscribers on multiple channels and staggering its start time (for example every fifteen minutes). Subscribers can then tune in to the next available showing.
PAY-PER-USE - One pays a fee for every service, product, and download often on a tiered basis.
PERSONAL COMPUTER (PC) - The device which enables anyone to compute, word process, or

perform more complicated functions.

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