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ELECTRONIC PROGRAMMING GUIDE (EPG) - An essential, navigational device allowing the user to search for a particular program by theme or other category and order it to be displayed on demand. Ultimately, EPG's will enable the TV set to learn the viewing habits of its user and suggest viewing schedules.
ENHANCED TELEVISION (ETV) - A type of interactive television technology favored by network

broadcasters. This technology allows content producers to send HTML data and graphical “enhancements" through a small part of the regular (US) NTSC analog broadcast signal called the Vertical Blanking Interval (see below). These enhancements appear as overlays on the video and allow viewers to click on them if they are watching TV via special set-top box/software services like WebTV, Wink, WorldGate, and more to come. One major problem associated with enhanced TV today is that producers must pay close attention to timing information. When the Digital Signal (see above) is more widely available, content producers won't have to worry about that.

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