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CABLE TELEVISION - The system network for the distribution of the television signal and now

digital data by cable (co-axial, twisted pair or fiber optic).

DECODER - Term sometimes used for set-top box.
DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE (DSL) - Modem telecommunications technology that enables

broadband, digital data to be transmitted over ordinary telephone line. DSL comes in many flavors, known collectively as xDSL, see ADSL, HDSL, SDSL, VDSL.

DIRECT BROADCAST SATELLITE (DBS) - Satellites powerful enough (approximately 120 watts on the Ku-band) to transmit a signal directly to a medium or small receiving dish (antenna) at 18" and 3 feet in diameter. DBS does not require reception and distribution by an intermediate broadcasting facility and transmits directly to the end user.
DOWNSTREAM - Information path sent from the network to the user.

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