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A3) Glossary - summary from ITVT Web Site203

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A3) Glossary - summary from ITVT Web Site203

ADSL- Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is type of DSL that provides T1 rates or higher in the downstream (towards the customer) direction and 64 kbps or higher in the upstream direction.
ADVANCED TELEVISION ENHANCEMENT FORUM (ATVEF) - A commercial technology organization or "cross-industry alliance" formed by many different companies from the broadcast and cable networks, television transports, consumer electronics, and PC industries. The goal is to develop HTML-based protocols to promote the standardization of enhanced TV. Tools and other supportive technologies that will be "ATVEF-compliant" will enable the creation and distribution of enhancements through the analog and digital signal.
ANALOG - Analog data is expressed in the form of continuously variable waves (e.g. amplitude or frequency of sound waves or electromagnetic waves). Susceptible to noise and are not easily compressible.
ATM - Asynchronous transfer mode. A high speed data transmission and switching technique that uses fixed size cells to transmit voice, data, video which greatly increases the capacity of transmission paths, both wired and wireless.

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