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Enhanced broadcasting:

“Enhanced broadcasting is interactive content linked to video programming; thus, a user can make purchases or requests for information (e.g., product samples, coupons, catalogues, and merchandise), access additional program information (e.g., news, sports, weather), or otherwise interact with the television (e.g., television game shows, polls, etc). Enhanced broadcasting’s biggest strength is that it leverages the viewers’ attentiveness and interest in the TV program”

Web Browsing, Walled Garden, Virtual channels:

“Despite our strong belief in TV-centric Enhanced TV applications, surfing the Internet on TV is not nearly as satisfying as doing so on the PC. Certainly, Internet surfing highlights the TV’s two primary weaknesses: low resolution graphics, so only partial Web pages can be viewed at a time, and the absence of a mouse interface, so navigating a Web page can be cumbersome. TV viewers favor a 4-button direction interface that takes a thumb to operate”


“Broadly refers to the ability to play a prerecorded show and includes either client-based (a.k.a. hard drive) or server-based (a.k.a. video-on-demand). The VCR is also a form of time shifting, as is streaming video/audio Web content”


“As opposed to the PC, which requires boot-up and log-in to see if “you have mail,” having e-mail readily accessible on TV could be more convenient or in the case of homes without PCs, the only way to access e-mail. Chat and instant messaging related to TV shows can be interesting as well. With the advent of IP telephony and IP standards on which most cable networks are being built, offering videophone services will likely be the next logical step199

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