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Promote a brand/ product

Improve notoriety and customer confidence

  • Multiple and synchronised on air referencing

Recruit prospective customers

Identify customer expectations

Data Gathering

Product information

Foster customer loyalty

  • Information service

  • Convenience service (sample, invitation, documentation)

  • E-messaging

Direct sales promotion

  • Teleshop

  • Impulse buying

Communication / personalised services

  • E-messaging

  • Operator qualified data base and decoder addressing capabilities via iTV systems195

8.3. Interactive Television critical factors of success

8.3.1. Obstacles to success and drivers of success

As the thesis reaches its end, so does the Interactive Television industry begins to be developed in Portugal. The birth date is still to be precisely defined, but TV Cabo is strongly committed to bring the “baby” to the world until the end of the second quarter of 2001.
Of course, one year from now things will be quite different, and many doubts will have given place to certainties. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning, and as any other new medium, there is lot to learn and a lot to create.
“The TV is undergoing a revolution”, states the Deutsche Bank "Broadband E-battle" to whose authors Interactive Television is the greatest revolution in the industry “since the advent of color or the introduction of the remote control”196. As far as the five golden rules of Enhanced TV for successful companies, the Deutsche Bank report outlines the following:
The service provider is the gatekeeper:

The company that has the billing relationship with the customer is the who decides which buttons are on the remote control.

TV-centric implementation wins:

The services that to improve the TV experience, leveraging or extending the TV’s attributes, are key.

The power of the network is as crucial as the power of the set-top:

Even if set-top box cost may be the biggest cost to operators, the network is crucial to enable quality of service, reliability, tracking, billing and security.

Don’t underestimate one-way data:

Advanced interactivity is important, but the customer may prefer more simple services.

Implementation and integration issues are complicated and time consuming:

When a product or service is still in trial it is essential to define deployment time tables that accommodates the difficulties embedded in the development process197.

Regarding the obstacles, the most suitable and comprehensive approach was the one provided by the Portuguese consulting company Innovagency:

  • Commerce – it is key, not for the consumers, but essentially for the industry players otherwise their revenues will be smaller,

  • Cost - the consumer is not interest in paying 100.000 escudos (about 500 Euros) for a set-top box,

  • Clear interface - to learn how to use the Interactive Television service should not force someone to read a one hundred page manual.

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