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    As far as the services are concerned, Portal TV will have:

    • TV Banking

    • Shopping

    • Web, Email, Chat

    Regarding the Personalised TV service, Portal TV will provide

    • Electronic Programming Guide, programs’ list and search engine

    • Users management

    • Digital Video Recording, to record, pause and replay programs

    • Impulse pay-per-view and video-on-demand

    • TV configurations

    • Interactive games

    Finally, Portal TV will offer Internet on TV:

    • Internet access

    • Web space to build it own web site

    • Customisation (parent control, Surfwatch)

    • Broadband Internet access

    • PIP (Picture in Picture)

    Source: Web Tv

    Essentially television with enhancements, Televisão Interactiva programs will be available on the following television channels:

    • Sport TV

    • SIC Notícias

    • Sol Música

    • TV Saúde

    • Telecine

    • RTP 1

    • TVI183

    8.1.3. New competitors preparing to play the game

    While TV Cabo is launching its Interactive Television service, the traditional broadcasters – SIC, TVI and RTP – seem to be more worried with the current “share and rates war” than anything else. As we speak/ write, TVI is quickly gaining SIC’s audience, and only in one month the Media Capital channel has conquered 10% of the total share. “Big Brother” was responsible for this sudden and (almost) unexpected turn of events – and for the first time ever since 1995, SIC is having its leadership disputed. Until the end of the year, when “Big Brother” will reach its end, everything can happen, but TVI has reasons to face the future with optimism. Several television analysts forecast the “Big Brother” will set a new trend in Portugal as the Brazilians soap operas (the tele-novelas for the Globo channel) did 25 years ago.

    Source: TVI

    TVI is the best known brand owned by Media Capital, one of the most important media groups in the country, which also owns several national newspapers, magazines and web sites. A truly multimedia group, Media Capital can easily leverage and integrate the contents produced by its many companies for the emerging media, such as Interactive Television and the last generation mobile phones. Also significant is the fact that TVI is preparing to launch thematic television channels: a Economical and Financial information channel and a series and soap opera channel are two of the hypothesis.
    The same is true for SIC, whose strategy is already being implemented with the launching of its first thematic channel SIC Gold, as well as SIC Internacional for the Portuguese communities in countries such as France. During the last quarter of 2000, it is expected the beginning of the SIC Notícias transmission. Grupo Impresa owns most of SIC (Soincom), as well as Controljornal - Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, S.A, whose core business is the written press, in its many forms. The most influential newspaper in the country – “Expresso” – is totally owned by Impresa, as well as the daily newspaper “A Capital, and the weekly newspapers “Autosport” e “Blitz”. The group also publishes the magazines “Exame”, “Exame Informática”, “Executive Digest”, “Caras”, “Mundo Vip”, “Casa Cláudia”, “Activa”, “Turbo” and the Disney comics, among others, in association with Editora Abril (São Paulo). On the other hand, Controljornal owns most of the Imprejornal printing company, Publimedia and Vasp184.
    The RTP strategy it seems it is still to be defined. Indefinition is perhaps the most suitable word to define the public broadcaster. Privatisation can be an option but it is still not clear what might be the future of RTP.
    Another important group to follow with close attention is Lusomundo, that bought the major privatised newspapers: “Jornal de Notícias” in 1989 and “Diário de Notícias” in 1991. Even if its core business is the cinema distribution and exhibition, Lusomundo owns (partially or totally) several newspapers, radio stations and possesses significant paricipations in other media185
    Obviously, other players will join the group of pioneers, and it is expected that telecommunication operators - Oni, Telecel, Novis, Maxitel – will soon play an important part in this game. It is yet to be seen what will do the small cable operators such as Cabovisão, Bragatel, Pluricanal and others, but international cable operators can also be interested in the Portuguese market.

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