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7.5.13. Dr. Vasco Trigo - RTP

Vasco Trigo, senior journalist specialised in new technologies currently working for RTP, believes that the content developers major concern should be what the people need and what the people want: “it is not how to make money. It is obvious that companies exist to generate profits, but is our days companies should realise that they exist to serve the public”.

As for RTP current development in terms of Interactive Television content development, Vasco Trigo has no knowledge of on going projects: “I admit that RTP is working in interactive contents, but I do not know for a fact. The subject has been mentioned, there are several ideas, but still the first steps have not been taken. I know that there are people I RTP sensitive to the subject, bit there are some delays, also due to the RTP’s future indefinition.”
As an Interactive Television client, Vasco Trigo would like to select the hours of the programs he wishes to see: “That is fundamental. It has to be the each person to control the schedules. People are subjected to the television channels programming, but I believe that to have freedom of choosing when to a program is something everyone wishes”.
To read the entire interview, please check page 235 - in Portuguese only.


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