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Dr. Tiago Silva - DOTONTHEBOX

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7.5.12. Dr. Tiago Silva - DOTONTHEBOX

Tiago Silva, the main responsible for the Interactive Television content producer Dotonthebox, believes that Interactive television will be a future commodity, but meanwhile the Electronic Programming Guide, the Digital Video Recording function and the e-mail will be the most attractive functionalities, as well as the electronic commerce and theme channels.

As for the Interactive Television platforms, Tiago Silva considers that all have their advantages and disadvantages. Still, Tiago Silva thinks that the Microsoft TV platform is the most suitable for the Portuguese cable network, since it can better explore the potential of the two-way directionality.
Tiago Silva subscribes the opinion that the generation under thirties is the new industry target audience, but he reminds that it can be surprising what the youngest can teach to their parents older than-thirty years old.
To read the entire interview, please check page 234 - in Portuguese only.

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