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Eng. Rui Dias Alves, Eng. João Brás Ramos – INNOVAGENCY

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7.5.11. Eng. Rui Dias Alves, Eng. João Brás Ramos – INNOVAGENCY

Rui Dias Alves and João Brás Ramos, owners of the consulting agency “Innovagency”, consider that the Interactive Television critical factors of success are the following: contents, commerce, cost and clear interface. “To subscribe the Interactive Television service and only having one interactive commercial in ninety that is no real interactivity” states Rui Dias Alves for who it is also essential that the interface is easy to understand - “nothing that forces a person to read a manual to interact”-, that the set top box and the service are affordable and that the commerce provides the desired revenues for the industry players.

As for the killer applications, Rui Dias Alves believes that the Electronic Programming Guide is a winner, as well as interactive contests. Interactive football games can also be successful, provided that the interaction is simple, refers Rui Dias Alves. Also important for these consultors is electronic commerce: “television is the excellence medium for business-to-consumer, because television can trigger a user to shop per impulse. The advertising was to adapt the commercials, that lead people to buy in a store, to commercials that lead people to buy instantly”, states Rui Dias Alves.
On the other hand, João Brás Ramos reminds that many companies already on the Internet didn’t think about a new business that Interactive Television will generate: “ if we consider the amount of web sites that aren’t prepared to be seen on the Interactive Television, when their responsible realise that they are going to demand other companies to leverage their on-line contents, in order to make them available also through the television set.”
To read the entire interview, please check page 232 - in Portuguese only.

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