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Dr. Paulo Querido – EXPRESSO

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7.5.10. Dr. Paulo Querido – EXPRESSO

Paulo Querido, who is a journalist specialised in new technologies currently working for the weekly newspaper Expresso - believes that interactivity and freedom of choice will drive the Portuguese to subscribe and use the Interactive Television service: “to choose what programs we want to see and when we want to see them. To choose what camera angle we want to see that particular moment of the game, instead of accepting the director’s decision. To have a personal assistant that picks up the movies and other programs related with the themes we previously gave”.

For Paulo Querido in a near future - about five years - there won’t be any difference from accessing digital contents through the television set or the PC, since the access will be made according to the needs of that moment and thank to the most different devices ñ the wrist watch, laptop, mobile phone, and so on.
Regarding the target audience, Paulo Querido thinks that the people with less than thirty years it is a market as any other, and if the young people are used to the Internet why would they swap it for Interactive Television.
Finally the journalist subscribes the statement “the television viewer is passive, therefore he isn’t interested in interacting with the television set”, since he believes that only a small percentage of people will take advantage of the Interactive Television features: “the majority of the consumers will use interactivity once or twice - most of all to shop -, but they will not use it frequently”.
To read the entire interview, please check page 229- in Portuguese only.

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