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Dr. Nuno Morais, Dr. José Abecassis Soares – GOTV/ Content TV

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7.5.9. Dr. Nuno Morais, Dr. José Abecassis Soares – GOTV/ Content TV

Nuno Morais and José Abecassis Soares, responsible of the two recently created Interactive Television and Multimedia companies Go TV and Content TV, consider the children and the teenagers as the Interactive Television target audience, and therefore, one of their target audience in terms of interactive programs. As Nuno Morais states: “it is easier to direct our efforts to the children and juvenile audience, than to the people who are in there forties and more who already have something against Internet. The question regarding contents is only strategic: right now, we direct our efforts to the ones who will easily understand the interface and will know how to browse.”

As for what will drive the Portuguese to subscribe and use the Interactive Television service provided by TV Cabo, Nuno Morais believes that first it will be plain curiosity. Then, it will depend on the good or bad experience the first users will have, something that is more TV Cabo’s responsibility then Content TV or Go TV, refers Nuno Morais. “The Interactive Television trials failures were connected to technological reasons. When people switch on the television they are looking for an experience with movement, animation and image. The first trials didn’t work out because they were slow and amorphous” states Nuno Morais. On the other hand, JosÈ Abecassis Soares believes that Internet was fundamental for the interactive television development, considering that now all the conditions are gathered for the industry to succeed.
José Abecassis Soares also thinks that the most important trend is divergence and not convergence: “when the buzzword is convergence, my opinion is the opposite. Obviously, I’m not talking about a functional divergence but in a content divergence. I have no doubt that the content we produce for television should be used for the PC and the wireless devices”.
To read the entire interview, please check page 224 - in Portuguese only.

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