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Dr. Nuno Duarte – OCTAL TV

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7.5.8. Dr. Nuno Duarte – OCTAL TV

Nuno Duarte, one of the top responsible of the set-top box manufacturer Octal TV, believes that Portugal will soon have one of the most sophisticated systems of Interactive Television in the world: “therefore, this ahead start is an unique opportunity for the Portuguese entrepreneurs to create a world class industry, competing with the best in the globe”.

Regarding what will drive the Portuguese to subscribe and use the Interactive Television services, Nuno Duarte considers that the contents with quality cost will force to adopt a pay-per-view system in order to compensate the investment made, presenting the sports events as an example. Nuno Duarte also thinks that it will be key better entertainment contents, such as Enhanced TV, Personal TV (or Digital Video Recording), Games, Internet contents, as well as the service related with business-to-consumer – interactive advertising, home shopping, home banking.
Personal TV, PayTV, interactive advertising, games, home banking are the killer applications for Nuno Duarte, who describes his perfect Interactive Television as “the one which the viewer defines what he wants to see and when he wants to see, allowing a wide offer of information and entertainment contents, such as television, Internet, radio, press and games.
To read the entire interview, please check page 221 - in Portuguese only.

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