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7.5.6. Dr. Luís Rodrigues – TVI

Luís Rodrigues, who leads the TVI Interactive Television department, states that it is essential to be extremely careful in understanding what will drive the consumers to use Interactive Television: “I suspect that there is a dynamic in the consumer that, in fact, we still do not understand. The computer and Internet are used individually - it is difficult to find two people that agree in seeing the same thing on the Internet. On the other hand, television has a group dynamics”. What will people gain with Interactive Television? For Luís Rodrigues this question wasn’t clearly answered and the focus has been more on technology than on what the consumer wins with it: “There is too much technology in the world for the human mind to keep up”, alerts Luís Rodrigues.

Regarding its perfect Interactive Television, Luís Rodrigues would like to see games and contests - the power to interact with a program such as “Who wants to be a millionaire’”. Also, the TVI executive mentions information and sports. E-mails do not qualify for its killer applications list. Finally, Luís Rodrigues refers interactive public services on television - documentation, identity cards, drivers license, tax payment, accounting services, and so on: “that would be my perfect Interactive Television. On one hand, spear me work. The other part of added value is related with games and entertainment.”
Curiously, Luis Rodrigues gave a sign of preferring a particular Interactive Television platform, from the major five, even if he considers that all are equally adjusted to the Portuguese market if they are compatible with the Multimedia Home Platform standard: “the closest to home, the better. That means that Mediahighway maybe is a step further than the other platforms. Mediahighway has been used by ONdigital, and apparently is working very well. Therefore, I suspect it was a certain advantage. I suspect TV Cabo selected Microsoft TV because it is Microsoft. If it is compatible with the MHP standard, the platform has the same chances that Mediahighway”.
To read the entire interview, please check page 216 - in Portuguese only.

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