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7.5.4. Eng. José Louro – TVI

José Louro, former engineer in PT Multimedia and currently working in the Interactive Television department of TVI, thinks that it is essential for broadcasters, banks and several retailers to see Interactive Television as a priority, while the other traditional media should carefully study their investments in this new industry.

The killer applications for José Louro are the following: the Electronic Programming Guide, Internet access, pay-per-view, games and e-commerce. Still, José Louro reminds that the Portuguese market may not have the economical potential of the rest of the European markets, even if it seems to demand for new technologies and services. Therefore, concludes José Louro, the price will be the key driver for the Interactive Television introduction in the Portuguese households, and it can not be an obstacle for its expansion.
As for the Interactive Television business model, José Louro believes that the business model won’t be that different from the current model: “At this moment, the several players already generate revenues with the current model. To ad interactivity to the television business it is merely to ad a layer with contents and, here we have the innovation, services to which the user can directly access though the remote control and set-top box. This means that to access the service is quicker than usually in tele-shopping.
For José Louro, this direct link between advertiser and client will generate new opportunities, and obviously, new revenue sources for the different players: “the broadcasters and content providers can create new forms of selling new and different contents, generating and integrating synergies in areas such as Internet and Television. Advertising wins a new vehicle of per impulse. The television channels and cable operators gain a new tool to sell their products”. So, it is not necessary to invent a thing, it is merely necessary to adapt, states JosÈ Louro.
To read the entire interview, please check page 212 - in Portuguese only.

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