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Eng. Francisco Maria Balsemão - IMPRESA/ SIC

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7.5.3. Eng. Francisco Maria Balsemão - IMPRESA/ SIC

Francisco Maria Balsemão, administrator of Grupo Impresa, considers that the future, or better said, the profitability of the telecommunications services will be connected to interactivity: “in that domain, the audio-visual can be an anchor-product”.

Formerly connected to the telecommunication business, Francisco Maria Balsemão points out that the strategy is similar to the one followed by the mobiles phones operators. First, the basic services are spread - the voice for mobile communications, the television channels for cable - then come the so called additional services: “TV Cabo needs to raise the average client revenue. And by having such need, TV Cabo will have to have new revenue sources: the only way to get new revenue sources is to try to capture value in the value chain it had not explored yet”.
For Francisco Maria Balsemão it is important that SIC is not left behind in this race, even if TV Cabo is the company most likely to gain more with the Interactive Television industry. The Grupo Impresa administrator reminds that SIC Notícias will be the first interactive channel.
Wait and see” is how the Grupo Impresa administrator defines in a single phrase the holding position regarding Interactive Television. For the time being, Grupo Impresa/ SIC are in a planning and brainstorming phase, more than in an execution phase, according to Francisco Maria Balsemão: “Many people hold on to certain ideas as they were the best in the world - and that is good, because many times they are right. But the new ideas also have to be seen in a calm and wise way. One should not go ahead with new thing thinking that it is the best technology in the world. It’s logical that Interactive Television is more than a new technology, it’s a whole new change of habits. But we are not going to stand by and wait totally: the proof is that we are going to have one of the first interactive channels. But, before drowning the market it is necessary to test it. In this case, there is the opportunity to do it and to think.”
To read the entire interview, please check page 207 - in Portuguese only.

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