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Eng. Carlos Picoto – MICROSOFT

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7.5.2. Eng. Carlos Picoto – MICROSOFT

For Carlos Picoto, engineer in the Portuguese delegation of Microsoft, what will drive people to subscribe the Interactive Television services will be the ATM service, e-commerce, web browsing, and his personal favourite Digital Video Recording.

As far as Microsoft TV platform major competitor, Carlos Picot consider that it is OpenTV, because the company has distributed more set-top box than any other and also because it has the most mature product. Regarding the perfect Interactive Television, Carlos Picoto said that the perfect would be the one that worked every time: “such as the television viewer today switches the television set and he ha a controlled experience by zapping from one channels to the other, when he goes to a Interactive Television universe things have to happen with the same fluidity”.
Finally, Carlos Picoto mentioned that they had an amazing reaction from Portuguese companies in order to develop contents: “I have a list of about twenty companies, which is characterised by having TV on their name – such as Go TV, Inter TV, Content TV – that are developing contents. Curiously, said Carlos Picoto, the Microsoft book “Building Interactive Entertainment and E-commerce” is the ninth more sold to Portugal in the virtual bookstore
To read the entire interview, please check page 203 - in Portuguese only.

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