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7.5.1. Dr. Carlos Correia - UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA (FCSH)

Carlos Correia, teacher of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, believes that the television viewer is a passive consumer and, therefore, isn’t interested in having interactivity provided through the television set.

For Carlos Correia the price is the critical factor for Interactive Television to succeed: “what is the added cost that an average family will have to pay in order to use a service, with less capabilities than the Internet PC already gives?” Carlos Correia asks.
When questioned if the television set has the same ability than the PC to satisfy the user’s needs in terms of communication, information, entertainment and transaction, Carlos Correia states that the television doesn’t the same capability as the PC to perform these functions, because “the television set is nothing but a “stupid terminal” to which the famous set-top boxes will give some intelligence”.
To read the entire interview, please check page 202 - in Portuguese only.

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