Marcos Cabral Uso da Língua Tétum no ensino-aprendizagem do Português le na Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa´e

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Palavras-chave: Multilinguismo, Língua tétum, Português língua estrangeira, Pedagogia de ensino, Língua de mediação.

This study has the following aims: to describe and discuss the linguistic situation in East Timor and to advocate the use of Tétum as a language that mediates the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. The first chapter presents a brief summary of the history of the language as well as the history of East Timor, describing the multilingual environment of East Timorese speakers. It further explores the role of Portuguese in the historical identity-building process of the East Timorese people, up to the present and into the future, as the official language of support to the Timorese culture and to international communication. In the second chapter, a preliminary study is presented on the use of Tétum in teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language in Timorese schools. Finally, the research work developed during the pedagogical internship is presented, and an educational proposal is put forward for the teaching and learning of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, with the aim of contributing to the cooperative construction of a country that speaks Portuguese, enhancing and maintaining the characteristics of a resilient Timorese identity.
Key-words: Multilingualism Tétum language Portuguese as a Foreign Language Teaching pedagogy, Mediating language.

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