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Palavras-chave: Famílias, Drogas, Assistente Social


This work deals with the theme of "The role of families in Drug users of recovery." Its purpose is to present the theoretical support to support, through what is presented by the National Anti-Drug Policy (PNAD), through a social interpretation of this as a strategy to reduce the consequences caused by drug use. Another aspect, punctuated refers to drug use within contemporary society, analyzing the social and family contexts in which drug addicts are inserted. Thus, also stands out the role of families on the subject. Will be mentioned also some professional duties of Social Services, which can assist in the organization of the work process. At the end of the study, we intend to review and point out the results obtained during the applicability of the intervention, united families. In addition to presenting the justification, clear on the need of the social worker within a multidisciplinary team, permeating the social environments in the struggle for improving the quality of life of families and users.

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