Investigating reasons a youngster refuses do take drugs: subsidies to prevent the drugs in the school

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Palavras-chave: escola, adolescentes, saúde cerebral, prevenção a drogas.


This text retakes and extends a research directed at prevention to the use of drugs, carried through in a state school of Porto Alegre/RS, in the years of 2002-2003, with groups of last year high school students. The data were collected by using the following question: "In your understanding, which are the reasons a youngster refuses do take drugs?" Data were analyzed through content analysis, leading to the construction of four categories, emphasizing relationships of the young with the information, the family, the values and the prevention. The results aimed at subsidizing the construction of an interdisciplinary proposal with emphasis in cerebral health, for prevention of the use of drugs in the school. Although this has still not been materialized, due to administrative restrictions, the research can be rethought, in a broader sense, to give the ground for actions directed at positive approach to the problems of drugs among students.

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