International geographical union commission on gender and geography

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Wainwright, Emma. and E. Marandet. 2011. “Geographies of family learning and aspirations of belonging,” Children's Geographies, 9, 95-109.
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Wainwright, Emma, E. Marandet, and S. Rizvi, S. 2011. '”The means of correct training': embodied regulation in training for body work among mothers,” Sociology of Health and Illness, 33, 220-236.

Wainwright, Emma, E. Marandet, S. Rizvi, .and F. Smith, F. 2010. “The microgeographies of learning bodies and emotions in the 'classroom-salon',” Emotion, Space and Society 3, 80-89.
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Waitt, Gordon, Loretta Jessop, and Andrew Gorman-Murray. 2011. “’The guys in there just expect to be laid’: Embodied gendered and socio-spatial practices of a ‘night out’ in Wollongong, Australia.” Gender, Place and Culture 18(2) 235-75.
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Wright, Melissa. 2010. “Geography and gender: Feminism and a feeling of justice.” Progress in Human Geography 34(6): 818-27.

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