Interações em plataformas digitais e análise de memórias da cidade turística: uma proposta metodológica em Peirce e Foucault1

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Palavras-chaves: memórias da cidade turística, interatividade em plataformas digitais, planejamento urbano.
Abstract: The article brings a methodological approach to the study of the collective memory of the tourist city from interactions in the Fanpage of the Municipality of Salvador and Airbnb. Its perspective emerges from professional experience and scientific production, aiming to develop a systematization that allows to identify and understand symbolic elements that collaborate with the process of elaboration and execution of the urban planning of the destination, potentializing governance processes. By proposing a relation between communicative practices, daily life and representations of the place, the Peircean trilogy was sought for the development of the proposal. By the open character of Peirce's semiotics, the systematisation is completed with the discursive regularities established by Foucault. It is reiterated that the interactive processes in digital platforms allow constructions, reconstructions, updates, permanence and rescue of the memory of residents and visitors about the tourist city.

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