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Palavras-chave: Psicologia, Áreas, Trânsito.
ABSTRACT: This work aims to show the vision of students from the first half of psychology on the various areas of psychologist's performance as clinical psychology, hospital, organizational, sports and legal, thus demonstrating its front knowledge to this and looking to deepen in a specific area: traffic psychology, so that, you can make an understanding of the importance of it, and how is the performance of the professional who works with the traffic psychology, since this is an area that is still little known, explored and chosen by psychology students. For this they used bibliographical research in articles and sites.Também an interview was conducted with psychologists of social and clinical areas in which there was a questionnaire consisted of six open and closed questions in the case so a qualitative and descriptive analysis of data. Thus it was revealed that psychology although considered a relatively new profession has accompanied humanity since ancient Greek times. It was also possible to see that is a very broad profession in which to explore different areas.

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