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Contributions to the magazine, unedited original, should address topics of interest to higher education. They will be written in an academic style suitable for divulgation in heterogeneous teaching environments.

It will be published in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The title should give an account of the subject matter not exceeding 60 characters with spaces.

Articles should be accompanied by 250 words abstract, between three and five keywords and a curriculum vitae of no more than 320 characters with spaces that include the full name and a brief academic review of the author (s). Title, abstract and keywords must be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The maximum length is 30.000 characters with spaces. Articles shorter but not less than 8000 characters with spaces may be presented, as well as exceptionally articles that exceed the maximum extent required. The text will be in Arial 12, line spacing 1.5, and quotes will be used to delimit the quotations.

The text must be submitted in ODT and DOC or RTF format, with corresponding integrated images. Graphs, diagrams, and tables must also be submitted separately in JPG, PNG, GIF or JPEG at 300 dpi.

References will be presented at the end of the article under the title "Bibliographic references". In the text will be referred by the author-year system; The form of indicating the page can be used in the body of the text, for example (Giroux, 1990: 69). The footnotes shall be restricted to the minimum necessary and be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. The general presentation will conform to the APA standards ( How to cite APA.

From the year 2019 all authors must have ORCID. If you have not yet registered you can do it here:

The ORCID Registry is available free of charge to individuals, who can obtain an ORCID identifier, manage their activity log and look for others in the Registry. ORCID is an open, non-profit, community project that offers a system to create and maintain a unique registry of researchers and a clear method to link research activities and the products of these identifiers.

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