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Palavras-chave: Usuário de drogas. Justiça Restaurativa. Redução de danos.

This paper proposes to clarify about Restorative Justice, which consists of a criminal justice model delimited in a non-punitive paradigm, applying this model of justice as an alternative measure of drug users, based on the dialogue between the drug user parties, aiming at the repair of damages of the conflicts resulting from this crime, the treatment of the user using the harm reduction policy, avoiding recidivism and providing the user with better legal protection. The study sought to analyze the concept of drugs, users, the historical context of drugs, the ineffectiveness of crimes provided for in article 28 of Law 11,343 / 2006, presenting as a primary objective the possibility of applying Restorative Justice in special courts for user treatment harm reduction in public health.

Keywords: Drug user. Restorative Justice. Reduction of damages.

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