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Questão 06 What are teens' opinions about their on-line activities? Select the CORRECT

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Questão 06
What are teens' opinions about their on-line activities?
Select the CORRECT proposition(s) according to text 2.
01. The Internet provides a way to keep in touch with friends.

02. The use of shorthand terms is a sign of tolerance for each other’s lies.

04. There is nothing wrong with using the Internet to chat with friends.

08. The Internet can sometimes make communication easier.

16. The use of the Internet for long hours results in social isolation.

32. The cyberspace is just another means of communication.

Questão 07
Select the proposition(s) which contains (contain) CORRECT references to the following words, underlined in text 2:
01. them (Paragraph 2)  researchers

02. it (Paragraph 3)  the computer

04. he (Paragraph 4)  Robert Kraut

08. their (Paragraph 5)  psychologists

16. each other's (Paragraph 6)  teens

32. they (Paragraph 7)  teens

Questão 08
Choose the proposition(s) in which the definitions of the words / expressions below CORRESPOND to the meaning used in text 2.
01. wired (Paragraph 1)  equipped with wires

02. skillful (Paragraph 2)  good at

04. numb (Paragraph 2)  sensitive

08. social isolation (Paragraph 4)  separation and detachment from others

16. shorthand (Paragraph 5)  written with abbreviations and symbols

32. unloads (Paragraph 6)  tells someone about

Questão 09
In which paragraphs can you find the following information?
Select the CORRECT proposition(s) according to text 2.
01. The explanation for some codified language used by adolescents: paragraph 1.
02. The association of the Internet with other means of communication: paragraph 2.
04. The effect of the Internet on teens’ identity, principles and beliefs: paragraph 3.
08. Some problems that result from teens' spending long hours on-line: paragraph 4.
16. The comparison between cyberspace communication and family communication: paragraph 5.
32. The view that certain things are more easily said by e-mail: paragraph 7.

Questão 10
Which of the following questions CAN BE ANSWERED according to the information in
text 2?

  1. Why don't teens understand the confusion around the use of computers?

02. What is inconvenient about pizza parlors as teens’ usual meeting places?

04. How does chatting on-line compare with watching television?
08. How do teens react when a personal secret is revealed through e-mail?
16. When do teens become better editors of the texts they write on-line?
32. How much time spent on-line do teens believe is harmful to them?








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