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Questão 03 Select the CORRECT

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Questão 03
Select the CORRECT statement(s) about text 1.

  1. A new activity has been added to the list of college students’ favorite pastimes.

  1. Nowadays, people communicate more on-line than in person.

  1. All over the world, homes have “chat rooms” with computers in them.

  1. On chat sites people can find information about many different subjects.

  1. Internet chatting is an enjoyable activity; however, there can be dangers related to it.

  1. Before using the Internet, people must learn its specific regulations.

Questão 04
According to paragraph 3, select the CORRECT answer(s) to the following question:
What tips should chatters follow in order to be safe on-line and off?

  1. Never share any information with strangers.

  1. Personal information should not be given.

  1. True identities must not be revealed.

  1. Judgments about people met on-line should be avoided.

  1. Be careful not to involve friends in dangerous situations.

  1. Don’t be alone when meeting another chatter in person.

Questão 05
This is the last paragraph of text 1.
Select the CORRECT proposition(s) to fill in the gaps.
Psychologists today ______ note that people have a great ______ to connect with others, and in the ______ world this is not always easy. Chat rooms ______ new opportunities for connection. They ______ communities of people with ______ interests, and sometimes, with long-lasting results.

  1. always - importance - popular - imagine - enjoy - public

  1. usually - difference - future - change - realize - empty

04. often - necessity - fast-paced - give - create - shared

08. seldom - definition - dangerous - take - watch - interior
16. frequently - need - modern - provide - unite - common

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