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Questão 01 Select the CORRECT

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Questão 01
Select the CORRECT ending(s) for the following sentence, according to the text above.
Not very long ago, chatting meant…

  1. having a casual conversation with friends
    about any subject.

  2. talking personally to people when you met

  1. taking part in favorite sports activities with

  1. being engaged in a quick conversation.

  1. spending time talking to people you didn’t
    know well.

  1. getting involved in an unnecessary

Questão 02
What does the text above say about Internet chatting?
Select the CORRECT proposition(s).

  1. Some specific topics can only be discussed through it.

  2. It’s an activity that developed as a result of modern technology.

04. Everywhere, young and older people are using it to communicate with each other.

08. Its popularity is related to the fact that it helps people socialize.

16. Some people use it because they find it easier to talk to other people on-line.

32. Many people feel shy and uncomfortable when they use it.

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