Diagnóstico de estilo de vida e produtividade: uma investigaçÃo em trabalhadores da industrias do oeste do estado do paraná

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PALAVRAS CHAVE: Estilo de vida, trabalhadores da indústria, Qualidade de vida, diagnóstico.
ABSTRACT: Lifestyle is a broad concept that includes the person as a whole, and that has many aspects. Lifestyle aspects combine to influence individual health in all areas: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social, according to NAHAS, 2001, a set of habitual actions that reflect attitudes, values ​​and opportunities in people's lives. Lifestyle is a determinant of quality of life, work activity has an impact on the life and well-being of the individual, studies show that the worker who has a healthy lifestyle, produces better, lives better and has better quality of life. life. The present work deals with a research to analyze the Lifestyle and Productivity of the Worker of 3 west of Paraná. For this analysis was used The research of the Worker's Lifestyle and Productivity Assessment System (SAEVP), which is the standard procedure of the SESI in the industries served, is a confidential survey where the worker answers 25 questions that seek indicators in the companies Related to preventive behavior, physical activity, feeding, perception of stress, sleep and current level of health, alcohol intake, tobacco, relationships, and presenteism and absenteeism.

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