Danielle carvalho ramos

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The present study aimed to conduct a theoretic study psychoanalytic about the exclusive breastfeeding and its implications on the performance of motherhood, on the mother-infant relationship, taking as theoretical main concepts of jouissance and anguish. It was from listening to mothers inserted in a program of exclusive breastfeeding in a maternity hospital in Belém-PA that ignited the spark of this research, since there jumped the eyes how can be ambivalent the maternal functioning in the breastfeeding, especially when mothers are subjected to this discourse of exclusive breastfeeding – which states that the mother should breastfeed her baby solely through breast-milk at least until the sixth month. In their speeches appeared several impasses and issues, mothers divided between the medical knowledge, that brings a strong moralizing tone about breastfeeding, and doubts, concerns and contrasts of their experiences. This discourse that encourages breastfeeding, basing on an ideal of motherhood – since it establishes in the leading of its guidelines, that the good mother is one who breastfeeds – ignores that motherhood, despite imply pleasure, is still crossed by malaise, that the mother-infant relationship is sharply marked by ambivalence. These dissonances subjective invariably also take a place in the experience of breastfeeding, since breastfeeding has a jouissance of its own. In a let itself be absorbed by the devoted act of breastfeeding that consents with the ideal of the good mother, occurs the favoring of an excessive and voracious relationship between mother and son, whose synthesis appears in the maternal symptom. This is where the concept of object to erect up and gets all relevance in the discussion, since from it, there is the possibility of addressing the concepts of jouissance and anguish in a narrower approach, especially with respect to the mother-baby bond on the issue of breastfeeding.
Keywords: Breastfeeding. Jouissance. Anguish. Alienation. Ideal. Symptom. Object a.

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