Da educaçÃo inclusiva: das diferenças como possibilidades

Palavras-chave: diversidade; educação inclusiva; sociedade igualitária; trabalho

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Palavras-chave: diversidade; educação inclusiva; sociedade igualitária; trabalho.
Dwelling on the issue involving inclusive education, research uses the notion of diversity to characterize a process that imposes itself as the affirmation of the right to difference and demand the suitability of the socio-cultural structures in order to allow compliance with the legislation, not restricted to the context of the school and educational system that compose them, but having it as the foundation converges to build the necessary conditions to enable the condition of citizenship for people with disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders and high ability or giftedness, among other problems that pose a difficulty in relation to adapting to the social framework that affects from the relation of teaching and learning to exercise the professional activity and requires no less than the discovery, use and expansion of their potential as much as in short, the emergence of their skills.

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