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Palavras-chave: Corpo Sensível; Excitação; Teatro-Laboratorial; Arquétipo.

This paper seeks to understand the construction of a sensitive body from a laboratory practice developed through my experiences in Arkhétypos Theater Group and in the class of Atuação III. It is made a brief historical survey about the transformations that Arkhétypos lived throughout their existence and the differences and similarities are analyzed between the four elementary performances: water, earth, air and fire. Through a survey about my experiences in the Group and through an investigation of my own body I reflect on my personal discovery. Such reflections were based from the search for a sensitive body and anchored the authors João Francisco Duarte Junior; Jerzy Grotowski and Robson Haderchpek. I use also throughout this reflection my logbooks and I write about the three main techniques that led me to understand this sensitive state of the body. The study was designed with a view that dialogues theory and practice for coming to a definition of the sensible body that is expressed through the liberation of the be human enclosed, a being who uses his excitement to vibrate in this body scenic one memorial emotion deliver world.
Key-words: Sensitive body; Excitement; Theater-Lab; Archetype.


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