BeléM 2013 andré benassuly arruda

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Palavras-chave: Medida Socioeducativa de Privação de Liberdade. Práticas disciplinares e biopolíticas. Normalização da juventude. Internação.


ARRUDA, A.B. Socio Measure of Deprivation of Liberty in a hospital ward in Bethlehem / PA. In 2013. 155 f. Dissertation - (Master). Federal University of Pará.

This dissertation aimed to perform an analytic of power over some care practices in effect Socioducativo Female Center of Pará - CESEF. Were used as the main tools for the analysis of these practices problematizations made ​​by Michel Foucault on power-knowledge relationships forged on the Modern States and several national and international authors who dialogue with the research undertaken by this thinker, in a perspective of the New History. Through documentary analysis and field observations, we seek shooting questions related to singular events of the technologies of disciplinary power and biopolitics crossing discursive and non-discursive operationalized during the fulfillment of educational measures of detention of young women considered authors of offense on the drive socio-researched and political effects that these events are fired whenever a level of analysis of knowledge and power. It was possible to identify, describe and analyze how the cartography of power in modernity, described by Foucault have effects current practices in technical service, activities considered teaching and schooling, in workshops, spatial arrangements, producing punishments and attempts at regulation and standardization bodies.

Keywords: Measuring Socio Deprivation of Liberty. Disciplinary practices and biopolitics. Standardization of youth. Hospitalization.

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