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Palavras-chave: Assunto. Assunto. Assunto. Assunto. (mínimo de 4 palavras, separadas por ponto e iniciadas por maiúscula)


The title of the paper should be clear and informative. Restrict yourself to what is strictly necessary. Must have a maximum of 15 words. Avoid having too many technicians restricting the audience. Avoid detailed information about the study location. Never use a full stop. Avoid using: study, evaluation, analysis, characterization, aspects, etc. The structure of the summary: brief presentation of the theme (general context); hypothesis question; main methods. Main results. Do not present raw data on statistical theses. Main significance of the results. Never finish a summary without a brief conclusion. Other tips: Write the summary last. Make explicit the objective. Do not include method details (original article). Value your results. Never use tables and references in the summary. Prefer active voice as it is more direct and takes up less space. Keywords: The number of keywords can be distributed as follows (for an original article): 15% for introduction + objectives; 30% for material and methods; 40% for results; 15% for discussion. Avoid repeating words already in the text (makes it easier for readers to find your article). The use of expressions with more than one word is allowed (eg; fibro icy edema, functional dermal nutrition, population ecology, et.). Use maximum number of keywords allowed by magazine. (Times New Roman ou Arial, fonte 10 e espaçamento simples)

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