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partner, escala likert, Estresse Psíquico.

The purpose of this study was to assess the occurrence of stress and anxiety at the moment of a dance performance preview. A specific questionnaire was developed for the data collecting in the dance are, aiming to evaluate situations of psychic stress, utilizing a Likert scale. The questionnaire contained seventeen questions to evaluate psychological and physiological symptoms and one item that evaluated a sociological symptom. For the Principal Project were invited four professional dance groups from the same city: Grupo Corpo, Companhia de Dança de Minas Gerais, Primeiro Ato e Grupo Camaleão. The software Statistical Package for Social Sciences, was used to carry out the statistical is data analysis. The questionnaire’s data analysis allowed the conclusion that both male and female dancers, showed well-defined symptoms related to the occurrence of stress and anxiety during the dance performance preview. The female dancers showed more symptoms and higher score values than those for the male dancers, their behavior is different, as far as the occurrence of stress and anxiety is concerned. Any change in the heartbeat may be related to stress and anxiety’s occurrence, the heartbeats for both male and female dancers were measured one week before the performance and, at the preview day, one hour before the performance, using the apparatus Polar Favor’s brand equipment. The statistical analysis showed that for the female dancers, the heartbeat had an increase at the preview day, as compared with the heartbeat measured one week before the dance performance. The data indicated that the heartbeat for the male dancers didn’t change. It was not well defined that the occurrence of stress and anxiety had any influence on the heartbeat change.

Key-words: Professional Dancer, Folklore,

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