Aleitamento Materno no Âmbito do Alojamento Conjunto: uma revisão integrativa Breastfeeding in The Scope of The Joint Accommodation: an integrative review Resumo

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Palavras-chave: Amamentação; Aleitamento materno; Alojamento conjunto

Introduction: When talking about Breastfeeding, it is necessary to consider the importance of the scope of the Joint Housing that consists of a hospital system in which the healthy newborn, soon after birth, stays with the mother 24 hours a day in the same environment until To hospital discharge. Objective: the objective of this study was to conduct a review in order to know the issues that permeate the practice of Breastfeeding in the context of Joint Accommodation. Material and methods: this is an integrative review of the literature. Data collection was carried out by means of a search in the electronic databases MEDLINE, LILACS and BDENF, using the combined accommodation and breastfeeding descriptors. We selected studies published between 2007 and 2013. According to the inclusion criteria, the articles should be available in full, aimed at the study objective, published in the Portuguese language, with the abstracts available in the selected databases. Results and Discussion: the final sample of this study consisted of 15 articles that strictly met the established inclusion criteria. From the reading of the same it was possible to construct 3 thematic categories: Knowledge of the puerperas on the Breastfeeding; Factors associated with early weaning and Care and role of the multiprofessional team. Conclusion: this review made possible the knowledge about the aspects that permeate Breastfeeding within the Joint Housing. However, it is understood that breastfeeding is a much broader phenomenon than the aspects that were explored and discussed in the analyzed scientific literature.

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