Academia militar das agulhas negras academia real militar (1811)

Palavras-chave: Competência Social. Liderança. Inteligência Emocional

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Palavras-chave: Competência Social. Liderança. Inteligência Emocional.


GONZAGA, Williams Bruce. Leadership in platoons: the importance of social in the development of military leadership in the engineering course of the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras. Resende: AMAN, 2018. Monography.

The objective of this research was to verify if the exercise of social competences of the platoon commander of the engineering course is facilitated, since he is allowed to use the participatory leadership. For this, a questionnaire was applied to the fourth and third year’s cadets of the engineering course in order to evaluate the social skills of their platoon commander. After analyzing the data, using Pearson’s correlation, it was verified that the social skills of the platoon commander are facilitated, especially the “inspiring leadership” and “development of the others” skills.

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