A proposta pedagógica de dienes: em tempos de matemática moderna

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The present study is an integrant part of the ongoing investigation, that aims an Education thesis, focusing on the pedagogical proposal of the Hungarian mathematician Zoltan Paul Dienes, disseminated in Brazil on times of a significant international mobilization of the curricular renovation on the Mathematics discipline, that occurred in the 20th century, which became known as the Modern Mathematics Movement. Inserted on the project Cultural & Historic Studies of School Mathematics in Brazil - 20th century, this investigative proposal, that in its totality has as a target the history of school mathematics, contemplating ruptures and changes that, from reforms and educational movements, marked the mathematics discipline during the 20th century, in this country, problematizes the meanings attributed by the school agents to Dienes' proposal, which ideas may have contributed to orient, in different school times and spaces of the delimited time, the pedagogical practices formation of the logical thinking of Brazilian students. Such investigation is searches to understand the modes of reception and their different appropriations through the school culture, in the first two decades of the second half of the last century, and contribute for the filling of a historical gap existing in the Brazilian Mathematical Education, corresponds to this pedagogical proposal idealized by Dienes, recognized with a differential between the formalist and structuralist ideas that invigorated in that time, that diffuses between the Brazilian educators, surrounded in that historical moment by the renovated promises resulting from the, than denominated, Modern Mathematics. Using methodological-theoretical referentials of the cultural history, supplied by Roger Chartier (2001, 2007) and Michel de Certeau (1982), as well as the studies of André Chervel (1990) about the history of school disciplines, with the contributions of Dominique Julia (2002) about school culture and bibliographic productions of Dienes, the study, that now is presented, aims to clarify doubts about the responsibility about the creation of the didactic material widely used until our days and known as Logical Blocks. It considers the perspective of Dienes (2008) expressed in electronic correspondence, where this author, besides recognizing the existence, since a long time, from dedicated studies to the use of concrete materials in the mathematics thinking formation, takes as his own a specific proposal for the use of 48 colorful blocks, today denominated logical blocks, with predetermined porpoises, through an effective pedagogical proposal to teach logical concepts to kids.

Keywords: Dienes, Logical Blocks, Modern Mathematics Movement.

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